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Extension Spring Ends

Spring Products provides stock, custom, and alloy extension springs

Spring Products International is a premier US manufacturer of quality extension springs. We provide design, production, worldwide delivery, and personal customer service.
 Extension spring ends include:
·         Full loops
·         Threaded inserts
·         Rectangular ends
·         Teardrop-ends
·         Expanded and reduced eyes
·         Long round end hooks over center
·          Hand loops
·         Machine loops
·         Double twisted full-loop over center
Each extension spring end caters to a specific situation. Together, your company and our spring experts can decide which spring end is right for your needs.
If your company needs a specific design, Spring Products can create a custom extension spring that fits your company’s need. Extension springs are manufactured in metric and English dimensions, so you can specify your custom order to meet your needs!
Call us at 800.515.9773 or email us today for any questions. Our friendly spring experts will help you with ordering what your company needs.